somewhat longer biography of HIJOS DE MAYO

Hijos de Mayo is a 4-piece band from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. They play stonernoisepostrock / poststonernoiserock: heavy riffs, screeching noise, spacious and wide sounds and psychedelic atmospheres.

In may 2011 Hijos de Mayo released their first full album In Sound Underground.

Hijos de Mayo started out as an instrumental band in 2006. In the beginning of 2007 they recorded and self-released their first instrumental mini-album.

2008 brought Part 1 of The 4-Track Tape Adventures, the first recording to feature Boukje (voice and noise). Near the end of 2008 Joost decided to stop. He left and Ivo came to replace him.

Before Hijos de Mayo Chris and Ronald played in gifkip. Boukje sang in Moral Anxiety and GodsChosenDealer, Ivo hit the drums in Red King Rising and the Ghouls.

Hijos de Mayo is:

Boukje: Voice
Chris: Guitars
Ivo: Drums
Ronald: Bass